Congressional and Local Voting Districts for Middletown

In 2011, the Connecticut State Legislature redrew state voting districts for the United States Congress and the Connecticut General Assembly, in response to population changes shown in the 2010 Federal Census.

Middletown State House Districts 33 & 100                    Middletown State Senate Districts 9 & 13.

Middletown US Congressional Districts

Voting Districts in Middletown have also changed, in order to correspond to the new Assembly and Congressional districts.

Middletown Voting Districts

The two maps below show the House and Senate districts for the State of Connecticut

State House Districts              State Senate Districts

For Current Voting Locations, please visit the Middletown City Registrar of Voters webpage.

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If you live near the border of a district, please check with the Registrar of Voters to confirm your US House, State Senate or State House District