There are lots of ways to become involved with the Middletown Republicans. We are always on the lookout for new members and for part-time volunteers to help us.

For the campaign we'll need:

headquarters workers, door-to-door campaigners, mail assemblers, hosts for campaign events, hosts for neighborhood get-togethers, 

calling supporters, talking to friends and neighbors, organize and provide rides to the polls on election day, track voter turn-out on election day, 

and volunteer coordinators to manage all this activity

     Please Email if you can help out in any way!


And, yes, we need money.  Advertising, mailings and signs all cost money.

If you can help financially, please send your donations to:


Middletown Republicans 2013

Post Office Box 1121

Middletown, CT  60457-1121

Please print, fill out and include a copy of the Contribution form with your check.


Email: Middletown Republican Committee