Board of Education


    Sheila Daniels

Currently Vice Chair of the Middletown Board of Education and in her 8th year as a board member
and serving on the following committees:
                Middletown Public Schools District-Wide Wellness Committee
                Curriculum Committee

                Negotiations Committee
                Chair of the Policy Committee

Current Board representative to:
                Middletown High School

                Wesley Elementary School
                Middletown Public Schools District Data Team

Previously served on:   

               Moody School Committee

               Middletown High School Advisory Committee

               Communications Committee

               Naming Committee

              Chair of the Recognition/Relationships Committee

Community Service and currently a member of:
                Middlesex Coalition for Children 
                Opportunity Knocks
                Auction Committee for Gilead Community Services "Quizine for a Cause"
                Middlesex Hospital Patient-Family Advisory Council

Community Service: 

                Past member (13 years) and officer of PTA/PTO groups and the

                Middletown Schools Association

                Served 4 years on the Middletown High School Project Graduation Committee

                Past member of St. Francis Church Parish Council

                Past member of the Middletown Lions Club          

A 30-year resident of Middletown, residing at Daniels Farm
Married to Robert and mother of daughters Molly and Jessie
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Member and secretary of the Middletown School Readiness Council 
Assistant to the School Readiness Grant Coordinator 

Eight years ago, Sheila's campaign focus was on the following:

* Achieving and promoting positive  public opinion of our schools

* Increased parent involvement

* Positive morale among staff and students

* Student learning so as to improve overall student performance

* Quality education with sound fiscal management 

Great strides have been made and efforts focusing on all of the above are ongoing.

Please support Sheila's re-election so she can continue to work with her fellow Board of Education members, administration, staff, students and parents on the betterment of the Middletown Public Schools. 

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